Specials and Support Staff

Blair Galbreath


Technology/Agriculture Teacher

Hometown: Hillsboro, OH

Education: Bachelors degree in University Studies with Emphasis in Agriculture

Started Working Here: 2021

Church Fellowship: Johnson First Church of God

Hobbies: Cooking, cleaning (I find it relaxing), caring for all my critters.

Favorite aspect(s) of teaching at LCA: I love the friendships and family atmosphere LCA provides. I also love that my kids are able to join me and are being taught about Christ’s love for us and his ultimate sacrifice.

This place is my second home! I am so unbelievably grateful to be surrounded daily with like minded people who genuinely care for these kids and love them all as much as I do!

Aida Lewis


Elementary, 9th-10th grade/Spanish teacher

Hometown: Morehead, KY

Education: Licenciatura (similar to Masters degree) in Architecture from Universidad Autonoma de Centroamerica (Costa Rica)

Started Working Here: 2018

Church Fellowship: Morehead United Methodist Church

Hobbies: Reading, drawing, and listening to music

Favorite aspect(s) of teaching at LCA: I love being able to talk and teach about God and have a Bible in the classroom.

Tiffany McKenzie


PE and 9th grade Health

Hometown: Flemingsburg, KY

Education: Undergrad at Morehead State University; Doctorate of Pharmacy at University of Kentucky

Special certifications or endorsements: Doctorate of Pharmacy, Registered Pharmacist, CPR/First Aid Certified, Immunization Administration Certified

Started Working Here: Sub 2019, fulltime 2020

Church Fellowship: Lakeview Community Church

Hobbies: Spending time with my kids, hiking, exercising, playing games/cards.

Favorite aspect(s) of teaching at LCA: The Christian environment, other staff, students, and getting to help the kids get in their exercise for the day. 🙂

I’m very thankful God led me to this school and I pray for Lakeside to thrive in this community!

Kaitlyn Rhoden



Hometown: Morehead, KY

Education: Bachelors degree from Morehead State University

Started Working Here: 2019

Church Fellowship: Soldier Church of God

Favorite aspect(s) of teaching at LCA: Having the ability to Talk about Christianity openly and to everyone.

Mariella Snyder



Hometown: Mt. Sterling, KY

Education: Private Piano Teacher; Some credits at Harding University as a music major; some credits at Freed Hardeman University

Started Working Here: 2023

Church Fellowship: Rolling Hills Church of Christ

Hobbies: Trying to learn new instruments (and collecting them), trying new jazz, Broadway, or other piano music/genres, art: sketching, painting, creative writing

Favorite aspect(s) of teaching at LCA: I absolutely love the church camp environment. A lot of the staff could be paid more to work somewhere else, so I think that says a lot about the hearts and souls of the people behind the scenes at LCA.

LCA is certainly a very special place, and I know that this was part of God’s plan for me (and my children) to come here this year. I am — and will forever be — grateful for the opportunity to teach at such a devoted, loving, God-fearing school.

Debbie Martinat


Elementary Secretary

Hometown: Morehead, KY

Education: Technical College

Started Working Here: 2019

Church Fellowship: Muses Mills Christian Holiness Church

Hobbies: Reading, crafting, and camping

Love this school! The atmosphere here is great with students, faculty and staff!

Tiffanie Helterbrand


MS/HS Office

Summer Schluchter


MS/HS Office

Sue Ison



Kathy S. May


Kitchen/Cafeteria Aide

Hometown: Muncie, IN

Education: Associate of Arts from Morehead State University, completed 3 1/2 years of college

Started Working Here: 2018

Church Fellowship: Rockfork Church of God Mountain Assembly

Hobbies: God and family, working in yard, sewing (when I have time), cooking, and going to beach are my favorites.

God presented the opportunity to come out of a management position and work in the kitchen at LCA, which fulfilled a desire of my heart!

Kennett Crawford


Custodian, Cafeteria

Darla Tackett



Matt Myers



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