Our History

Founding and Early Years:  Establishing Lakeside Christian Academy

In response to a prevailing need and a heartfelt desire for a private, independent Christian school in Morehead, Kentucky, the journey of Lakeside Christian Academy commenced in 2005. The school’s inception was marked by fervent prayers and thoughtful considerations, culminating in the establishment of this educational institution. 

During the initial stages, a coalition of parents, grandparents, and community leaders convened over several weeks. This collective effort crystallized into a pivotal parent meeting, hosted within the embrace of a local church. This gathering provided a platform for engagement, with attendees expressing their keen interest and dedication to this educational endeavor. The target was to secure 60 students to confidently proceed, yet the response exceeded expectations. Over 100 students enthusiastically signed up for the inaugural academic year, an unmistakable sign of divine affirmation.

A Vibrant Beginning: Overcoming Challenges

The timeline leading up to the school’s debut was bustling with activity as the administration and school leaders embraced the blessing of a remarkable property. However, the lack of a physical school building loomed as a challenge, compounded by the imminent start of classes merely three months away.

Amidst these circumstances, God continued to unveil HIS plan. The administration, along with the school board, identified a modular building in Baltimore, Maryland, originally used for educational overflow at a college campus. A journey to Maryland was planned, resulting in a unanimous recommendation to secure this structure for Lakeside’s first year.

The start of the school year was slightly delayed, as the school year started in late September. Excitement was in the air as over 100 students, spanning preschool to 11th grade, took their places in the modular building. With remarkable efficiency, and a collaborative effort involving administration, teachers, parents, and students we accomplished a swift and seamless “move-in” of all necessary resources over a single weekend.

Faithful Utilization: Building a Foundation

The modular building, which is still used on the campus today, housed all essential componentsclassrooms, a kitchen, lunchroom, bathrooms, and offices. Every corner of this space was maximized to its utmost potential, a testament to the resourcefulness and unwavering dedication. If the administration and teachers of the first few years knew anything, it was how to be resourceful and use the blessings which God had provided for His glory and to build His Kingdom through Christian Education. 

The earliest years bore witness to an exceptional miracle, etched forever in the memories of those involved. The transformation from a weed-strewn field to a thriving educational facility, accommodating over 100 students, within a mere three months defied conventional expectations. Beyond the logistical challenges of building and permits, the journey underscored the divine intervention that paved the way. Those of us involved will never forget this and how we witnessed God’s hand at work.

Growth and Flourishing: Sustaining the Legacy

In 2006-07, our expansion continued, prompting the addition of a high school building and a temporary facility for our music and art programs. Fundraising endeavors persisted, predominantly encompassing successful events such as dinners, lunch deliveries, and festivals. These undertakings demanded a robust parent group, a quality we were fortunate to possess. Lakeside boasted an array of extracurricular activities, including a strong art and music program that staged impressive events. Our sports teams excelled, clinching various state titles. Despite these achievements, our facility constraints necessitated considerable reliance on strong parental and community support. This collaboration enabled us to utilize local churches for artistic endeavors and nearby gyms and fields for sports practices and games. The pioneer families knew their efforts were an investment in the future and future families of LCA and not just for their children.  It was hard at times, but well worth it. 

As Lakeside Christian forged ahead, growth was inevitable. Enrollment surpassed 200 students, necessitating additional space and facilities. Not only were we growing physically but we saw many student’s lives being changed in a positive way with their commitment to follow the Lord.  Students were saved in chapel services and during Bible class.  We were beginning to see the fruits of our labor as students began to graduate and as our high school enrollment grew. Our students were receiving impeccable educations, excelling in college classes as high school students. We had several students selected to participate in the Governor’s Scholars Program and our graduates were receiving impressive scholarships. 

With a pragmatic approach, the gymnasium and a new lunchroom/cafeteria materialized in 2008, alleviating the need for external venues and fostering a more comprehensive student experience. The campus underwent continual enhancements, from upgraded playgrounds to meticulously landscaped grounds, the transformation of a gravel parking lot into a smooth blacktop, and the building of our softball field and soccer field on campus. All of this symbolized progress and stood as testaments to the unwavering dedication of parents, and grandparents, generously contributing both financially and of their time. The sacrifices made during the first few years of school by the administration, teachers, students, parents, and grandparents were unprecedented and difficult to explain unless you experienced it.

A Legacy of Faith: Moving Forward

Those intimately connected to the early years of Lakeside Christian Academy share a unique bond and perspective on witnessing God’s hand at work. The school’s visionary founders laid an unshakable foundation guided by divine guidance, setting the stage for a lasting legacy. As current and future administrators, educators, staff, parents, and grandparents embrace their roles, they contribute to a legacy that will echo through generations. The legacy of Lakeside Christian Academy, which was established by God and nurtured by faithful servants, stands as a testament to the enduring power of faith, education, and the collective commitment to something truly extraordinary.

Tammy McKinney
Founding Administrator